Thermal Fogger

Keep Your Space Clean and Smelling Fresh

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Do you feel trapped in your house with never-ending germs, grimes, and pet smells? Eliminate the Odors in a flash by calling Steve's Carpet Care in Bossier City. Our Thermal Wet Fogger is a powerful weapon that can actually eradicate most germs associated with the smells of your home. Now more than ever we need to keep our home space free of harmful germs, this thermal technology has been proven to get the job done when you need it most! Calle Steve's Carpet Care for your odor elimination and disinfecting needs.

Your Space Should Smell Good and Be Squeaky Clean

Your Space Should Smell Good and Be Squeaky Clean

Often time the words cleaning and disinfecting are used as synonyms but they are not the same! While cleaning a surface often times just moves the germs around on a surface. Disinfecting the surface actually eliminates them altogether. A thermal wet fogger is an ideal way to disinfect a space. All you have to go is prepare the space and leave while the machine and the professionals at Steve's Carpet Care to do the job! If your home in Bossier City, Shreveport or Stonewall, LA suffer odors from wet dog, smoke, cooked fish, old food or more you may need Thermal Wet Fogger services. We offer a variety of fresh scents including:
•Tropical blend
•Baby Powder
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