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Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Steve's Carpet Care of Bossier City, Shreveport & Stonewall, LA and the surrounding areas

Are you ready to get your carpets cleaned and need a professional? Call Steve's Carpet Care today and get an expert on the job. Steve can take old dated carpet and make it look brand new. We also care about your indoor air quality so we use the Turbocat Zoom that does not let out harmful dust particles.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 - Inspection

A diagnosis of problem areas and the overall condition of the surface. This time is also used to address any potential permanent stains.

Step 2 - Vaccum

This step gets rid of any loose debris and dirt that may be packed into your carpet. Any dry debris is removed by a commercial vacuum.

Step 3 - Pre-Spray

Here, we address any spots and high traffic areas first. This allows our product to sink in and go to work!

Step 4 - Agitation and Extraction

This step works the product into the carpet, which is then removed by a commercial and organic rinsing agent at 180 deg. F water temperature.

Step 5 - Spot Treatment

This is where we go over any areas that need a second treatment.

Step 6 - Grooming

We groom the carpet to give it a fresh and clean look. There's nothing like freshly cleaned and groomed carpet!