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Steve's Carpet Care of Bossier City, LA and the surrounding areas

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Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 - Inspection

A diagnosis of problem areas and the overall condition of the surface. This time is also used to address any potential permanent stains.

Step 2 - Vaccum

This step gets rid of any loose debris and dirt that may be packed into your carpet. Any dry debris is removed by a commercial vacuum.

Step 3 - Pre-Spray

Here, we address any spots and high traffic areas first. This allows our product to sink in and go to work!

Step 4 - Agitation and Extraction

This step works the product into the carpet, which is then removed by a commercial and organic rinsing agent at 180 deg. F water temperature.

Step 5 - Spot Treatment

This is where we go over any areas that need a second treatment.

Step 6 - Grooming

We groom the carpet to give it a fresh and clean look. There's nothing like freshly cleaned and groomed carpet!